Ryan Andersen


Harvey Cox once described his writing as a “Conversation with my friends regarding where my thoughts are at.”  This is the heart of what this website is for.  It is structured to be a teaching tool, a place to collect and share the wisdom that I have found. To teach also means to realize that one has much to learn. So this website is also intended to be a place of conversation where together we may be transformed by God’s grace.

Oh and if you are wondering about the name. I have come to believe that that faith is about our transformation into the image of Christ, the image of God. This is not something we do, but rather it is God’s Grace that transforms us in God’s Love.   

For me this journey is rooted in two realities that are the same: Our relationship with God, which deepens through prayer and in our relationship with others, which takes the shape of justice. These are the two ways that God’s love and grace flows. In my life these are the two sides of my own calling and thus the two main sections of this website. The front page is simply a place for ongoing conversations, while writings and sermons are simply a place to collect and share my writings and other things I have found along the way. 

So far this website is under construction - but perhaps that is a good analogy for life - Read and enjoy and watch how it develops. 

May we all be transformed by God's Grace until God's love heals all of this world.