A Life of Faith

So what does a life, shaped by faith look like? This is an important question, after all it is how particular people live lives, formed in the image of Christ, that we discover what Spirituality looks like in practice. This is one part of the tradition of Saints. People that we call saints are in many ways people whose lives give us an example of what it means to be faithful. Yet while others can act as examples, it is up to each of us to live out our faith in our own particular lives: hearing in our life the call of God; responding to those we encounter; brining light to the darkness that haunts our own soul and our own neighbourhood.

Over the next three Sundays at Advent we are going to focus on what passionate spirituality is about. This Sunday we will look at a life of faith. Next Sunday we will focus on one of the most important ways that we feed our spirit, devotions. Then on the last Sunday I will give a summarizing overview of what Christian Spirituality is about.