As of August 1st I am off on Sabbatical. It is a time of rest, renewal and study. So I thought I would resurrect this site as a way of sharing my sabbatical adventure with others.

For the study component I am taking this as a chance to read more about Christian Spirituality. At first my plan was to write an introduction to Christian Spirituality, but as I am working on this what I am discovering is that I am all seeking to understand the inner dynamics of Christian faith. I have so often met people who seem to have discovered this profound, love filled power of the Gospel. How does this happen? What are the process that bring us there? Can it be shared? 

The other part of my study is in the area of leadership. Specifically I am working with CAUSE Canada to help them develop a strategic plan. At the same time I am a part of our synods Missional Network project.

The other major part of my sabbatical is to spend time with my family and rest. 

My plan is to share some of my insights here, along with clips of my writing. Since Sabbaticals are about fun and rest. I will share some of that as well.