Contradictions of Healing

I have been a part of an Inter-Spiritual Dialogue that is now being reformed. It is a monthly, really quite profound conversation amongst people of depth from different faith traditions.  Today the conversation entered around Lenard Cohen's Come Healing 

What struck me from the conversation is how God is discovered, that we find healing, often in the most profound moments of brokenness. I know in my own life. I can now look at some of the times that I have been broken, absolutely devastate in fact, and I can see how those times have in many ways been forming my soul. I now carry deep scars, but also grace and wisdom from these times. There is a broken hearted healing that is filled with such grace.

So perhaps as we look at the darkness and confusion that seems to be overwhelming people at this time. It might be a chance to find our healing. For when we stand dreaming that we are good,  when we strive for perfection, how we be open to the broken hearted God.